Food Menu

Cold Starters
Mast-o-Mosier (V) £4.50

Yogurt Blended in with chopped shallots

Mast-o-Khiar (V) £4.50

Yogurt with finely diced cucumbers & mint.

Mast-o-Burani (V) £4.50

Steamed spinach mixed with yogurt &garlic

Hummus (V) £5.00

Crushed chickpeas mixed with tahini,lemon and olive oil dressing. Served with bread.

Salad Shirazi (V) £4.50

Freshly chopped cucumbers, tomatoes,onions with lemon dressing.

Salad Oliveh £4.50

A combination of diced chicken,potatoes,eggs,gherkins in a light coating of mayonnaise with lemon juice.

Warm Starters
Spicy Wings £6.00

6 Pieces of spicy grilled wings

Mirza Ghasemi (V) £5.50

Grilled aubergine,tomatoes and egg tossed with mixed spices & garlic.

Halloumi (V) £5.50

Grilled goat cheese

Kash-e-Bademjan (V) £5.50

A medley of aubergine topped with sautéed onion,mint & kashk (dried yogurt).

Falafel (V) £5.50

Delicious patties made from chickpeas served with hummus.

Dolmeh Felfel (V) £5.50

Steamed cooked green peppers stuffed with herbs,rice,lentils and tomato

Dolmeh Bademjan (V) £5.50

Steamed cooked aubergine stuffed with herbs,rice,lentils,and tomato.

Soup of the Day £6.00

Fresh made daily soup.

Basket of Bread £1.90

Freshly baked bread.

Mixed starters £19.00

A selection of 4 warm starters.

Main Course Stews

Served with rice.

Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan £13.50

Diced pieces of lamb cooked in tomato sauce with whole dried limes,fried aubergine and yellow split peas.

Khoresht Bamieh £13.50

Diced lamb slow cooked okra in garlic & tomato sauce.

Khoresht Ghormehsabzi £13.50

Diced lamb cooked with finely chopped fresh spinach,parsley,coriander,chives,dried lime & red kidney beans.

Khoresht Gheymeh £13.50

Traditional Persian stew diced lamb cooked in a tomato & saffron sauce with yellow split peas and dried limes.

Charcoal Grill Dishes

Served with rice, salad & grilled tomato.

Chelo Barg £14.50

Grilled skewer of thin tender lamb fillet.

Chelo Chenjeh £14.50

Grilled skewer of thick slices of spring lamb fillet.

Chelo Shishlik (4 Pieces £15.00) (5 Pieces £17.50)

Grilled skewer of spring lamb chops (on the bone).

Chelo Bakhtiyari £14.50 (Double £18.50)

Grilled skewer of diced tender spring lamb and chicken fillet.

Chelo Koubideh £8.50 (Double £14.00)

Two skewers of grilled minced meat

Soltani £17.50

Grilled skewer of thin tender lamb fillet with a skewer of grilled minced meat.

Chenjeh Makhsoos £17.50

Grilled skewer of thick tender land fillet with a skewer of grilled minced meat.

Barg-e-Morgh £15.00

Skewer of tender thin slices of chicken fillet marinated in saffron,lemon juice and garlic.

Joojeh Kebab (off the bone) £14.00 (Double £18.50)

Grilled skewer of chicken pieces marinated in saffron,lemon juice & garlic.

Joojeh Kebab (on the bone) £14.00

Grilled poussin chicken marinated in safron,lemon juice and garlic.

Chicken Wings £14.00

Grilled skewer of chicken wings marinated in chef special sauce.

Momtaz £16.50

One skewer of joojeh chicken and one skewer of minced lamb.

Sabzi Polo (Grilled Fish) £16.95

Grilled fish of the day served with steamed rice,broad beans and dill weed.

Chops and Wings £20.00

Grilled skewer of chicken wings marinated in chef special sauce & Grilled skewer of spring lamb chops (on the bone)

Zereshk Rice & Bagali Rice are an additional £2.00
Special Dishes
Lubia Polo £12.50

Steam cooked saffron rice with fried green herbs mixed with tomato puree and small lamb pieces.

Zereshk Polo £15.50

Slow cooked chicken in tomato & saffron sauce. Swerved with saffron rice,fried barberries,pistachos & almonds.

Lamb Shank - Baghali Polo £15.50

Lamb shank or chicken served with Basmati rice mixed with broad beans and dill weed.

Khoreshte Fessenjan £15.50

Fried crumbled walnuts with chicken cooked in pomegranate puree served with saffron rice.

Shandiz Specials
Shandiz Mix £42.00 (Serves 2)

One starter, one grilled skewer of tender chicken, one skewer of minced lamb with grilled tomato & two sides.

Shandiz Persian feast £78.00 (Serves4)

Two starters,one grilled skewer of lamb chops,two grilled skewers of tender chicken, one skewer of chicken wings, one skewer of thick slice of lamb, two skewers of minced lamb with grilled tomato & three sides.

Vegetarian Dishes

Served with rice and salad.

Khoresht Gheymeh Bademjan £10.00

Fried aubergine, yellow split peas with whole dried limes cooked in special tomato sauce.

Khoresht Bamieh £10.00

Fried okra in tomato sauce.

Shandiz Vegetarian Kebab £14.00

Barbeque grilled vegetables served with saffron rice and a side of stew.

Side orders
Mediterranean Salad £4.50
Tourshi £2.00
Grilled Vegetables £5.00
Plain yogurt £3.50
Chips £3.00
Rice £3.50
Shandiz Kids Menu

Served with Salad & Choice of rice or chips

Chicken Cubes £8.00
Joojeh £8.00
Koubideh £8.00

Special Dishes

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