Lunch Menu £12.00


A combination of diced chicken, potatoes, eggs, gherkins in a light coating of mayonnaise with lemon juice.

Yogurt with Cucumber


Hummus with Bread


Mediterranean Salad


Stuffed Peppers (add £1.50)

Steamed cooked green peppers stuffed with herbs, rice, lentils, and tomato


Falafel (add £1.50)
Halloumi (add £1.50)
Fresh Bread (add £1.90)



Served with rice and chopped salad

Chicken Breast


Lamb Fillet


Lamb Mince Meat


Lamb Chops (add £2.00)


Veggie Stew

Fried aubergine, yellow split peas with whole dried limes cooked in special tomato sauce.

Chicken Sandwich

BBQ Grilled chicken served in a bun with fresh salas and hand cut potatoes.



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